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Areas of Practice

Divorce Lawyer
Divorce, child custody, child support payments. Unfortunately, nearly half of all marriages end in divorce and bring along the resulting legal hassles. Our firm can help you through these difficulties with dignity and respect. We strive to accomplish the best outcome for the couple and their children.

Personal Injury Attorney
If you or a loved one has been injured on the job or by someone else's negligence, our attorneys can stand by you to protect your rights and shield you from unfair treatment by lawyers and insurance adjustors. We have the experience to seek just compensation for your losses and protect your legal rights.

Business Attorney
If you want to incorporate your business, form a partnership or ensure a carefully crafted contract, our attorneys can help. If your business is being targeted by a lawsuit, we will work to protect what you've built. Our law firm will guide you through the entire lifespan of your business. We want to help our clients build and maintain companies that last generations.

Adoption Attorney
Our attorneys can help you adopt a new baby or child into your home. In fact, we started as adoption attorneys by adding to one of our own families. If adoption is on your heart, please call on us to help you through what can be one of the best decisions you'll ever make. We can also help if you want to give your child a better home than you can provide.

Criminal Defense Lawyer
If you need a lawyer for a DWI, drug possession, or a serious felony charge, our criminal defense attorneys bring years of experience as courtroom prosecutors to your defense in state or federal court. When you or someone close to you has trouble with the law, call us to fight to protect and preserve all Constitutional rights.

Immigration Lawyer
If you want to apply for a green card or student visas, become a legal resident or even a citizen, our attorneys can help you though the immigration and naturalization process. We can also help businesses through the paperwork to bring in employees with hard-to-find skills from other countries. Hablamos Espanol.

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